To start the game it is necessary to purchase the NFT, the purchase initially occurs through an NFT box within the platform of each game, after the launch the box with 1 Common NFT is paired at 250 BUSD. However, the purchase is made through $XBOSS.
Upon completing the daily mission, the player will receive $XBOSS, where he can improve the level of his NFT, to increase the daily income or after the market launch it will be possible to make the sale and receive $XBOSS.


Start the game with Common NFT, we will have only 3 legendary NFT where they will be in the first event
How to level up for Genius (+50%) or Legend (+100%) or Star (+200%)
*Hold without cashing out for 30 days your NFT increases to Genius (+50%)
*Holding without cashing out for 60 days your NFT increases to Legend (+100%)
Through Hold it will be possible to enable only one level so choose Genius or Legend
*Purchasing Genius Bundle (+50%) with $XBOSS
*Purchasing Legend pack (+100%) with $XBOSS
*Purchasing Star Bundle (+200%) with $XBOSS
The Pack enables the increase in production from the previous status, if you enable Genie or Legend with Hold it will be possible to increase it by purchasing the packs with $BOSS
Your NFT will increase your trading status and therefore increase your daily earnings

Win rate and rewards – 2 Attempts

No Risk 100% odds - win 10 $XBOSS
One more day 90% chance, win 20 $XBOSS
Search for new partnerships 70% chance, win 30 $XBOSS
Today I want challenges 50% chance, win 40 $XBOSS
Make big purchases 30% chance, win 50 $XBOSS
Minimum daily withdrawal 100 $BOSS maximum 200 $XBOSS
Daily costs to work (fuel, pay lunch, your office, security...) 2 $XBOSS per NFT
Withdrawal Fee 5 $XBOSS per withdrawal