But what about the team?
In the elaboration and consolidation of a project we adopted some pillars, and the main one that we decided to adopt is security, especially for the players. And security management at the beginning of the project implies not revealing the team, but rest assured, everything will be revealed after the secret strategy.
With more than 5 years of experience in the banking sector and more than 4 years investing and studying the cryptocurrency market, this is the project leader. Where in fact he decided to contribute to the NFT Metaverse market after finding, after months, an experienced, extremely competent and reliable team in the application development sector, after all one of the pillars of the project is security and this also implies the choice of who will develop the Saga. Being an independent team means that we do most of the work ourselves, the boss metaverse is our first blockchain project, which emerged from the inefficiency of other projects, where we observed that they had no longevity, or lack of strategy to maintain a constant interest or by dividing their capitalization, several projects that choose to have more than one token within the platform lost strength and triggered a reduction in earnings, as a result of the lack of interest of new players. We certainly took some interesting parts and inserted them into the project. If we look at the automotive industry, when a particular automaker creates a new segment, the others tend to copy it with its features and apply improvements.
We don't have any plans to reveal any personal information from our team yet, at least until the official game is released. As mentioned this is part of the initial risk management, but for sure we'll see you at the launch of the secret strategy.
Last modified 10mo ago