How will the saga be?

First themed game

It represents the beginning of the saga an entrepreneurial character obstinate to build his dreams.
Main characteristics, negotiate new partnerships, build relationship, ability to negotiate to acquire goods and new business.
As you increase your skills (Genie, Legend and Astro) your daily rewards will increase, and your NFT will increase in value in the market.
In the course of the saga, we will give important tips for those who may have little condition to acquire more NFT, you will understand that to achieve your goals you can adopt intelligent strategies and reach the last game with your complete empire

The saga continues

From game 2 to 8, each game will have different themes and opportunities to increase the amount of NFT you will have in the game.
The logic to level up your NFT is the same as in the first game.
Why not tell the themes of the game?
Which saga will tell the next seasons. We also believe in the game's potential so we want to be the first to have a game like that.

Last game

Here the consolidation of all the games takes place and all your previously acquired NFT will act to bring you another income, here is the realization of your dreams, your empire running.
All other games will normally continue to generate income.
Each game you can have 5 NFTs, in the last game you can have 45 NFTs acting automatically. (5 nft * 8 sets = 45 nft )
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